Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day

We had heavy snowfall this morning. Mick left at 6am to do deliveries in Cambridge and did not see any at all. By the time I got up at 7am the world was white!

Nursery said they were open until 2pm, and Rebecca was desperate to go so we started the car journey. Even the main road was slippery and I had to crawl along. I couldn't get onto the A133 at all, so parked at the Uni Sports Centre and we walked along the Boundary Road to the nursery. Rebecca was in good spirits and enjoyed it until she got a bit cold and wanted me to carry her. There were only 8 children in, and about the same number of staff. After I'd walked back to the car (witnessing two cars sliding across the road) I very slowly drove home, only to get a phone call 30 minutes later asking me to pick up as they were closing. They'd given the children sausage and mash at 10.30am!! My car got stuck in the car park and I had to abandon it. Luckily the nursery nurses came out with buckets of grit and gave me a push. This was the highlight of Rebecca's day :)

Mick was home early but off to darts again later. Spent the evening doing a layout in front of the roaring fire and sobbing along watching The Karen Carpenter Story...

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  1. You are such an old softie! Did it remind you of cranhouse scrapping in front of the fire??