Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

2010 has begun! I had a morning of sorting out the house, tidying away, sorting washing - all those exciting tasks that get left over the Christmas period. Boring, but essential (and secretly satisfying once its done).

I spend most of the rest of the day in the kitchen - so I was very happy. Everyone was coming round for tea so I cooked a ham joint in CocaCola (a la Nigella) as I do every year. I made fresh sausage rolls (Jimmy's Farm Sausages - very nice), marmite whirls, cheese/onion filo parcels and all the usual! Rebecca enjoyed having a "picnic" sitting on the floor.

We pulled musical crackers with music hats, jokes and a "trumpet" in each. Each person has a different note, and there is a conductors baton and "music". It was great fun and Rebecca even did it properly and had a go at conducting too.

Rebecca was excited about trying the trifle she helped to make, but was disappointed that the cake was a bit fluffy (!) and only ate the icing out of the middle, wouldn't eat the fruit and only a spoon of the custard! She was happier with a Bourbon (the biscuit, not the alcohol!).

Chris had prepared a quiz for when Rebecca had gone to bed so we did a events of the last decade one and a songs (guess from the intro). Adam and Amy won both quizzes, Mick and I felt old as we didn't know a lot of the modern songs and Carly and Jamie (team name Quizzy Rascals) did a lot of guessing... we had a good laugh.

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