Sunday, 10 October 2010


Carly graduated today! Tickets only available for her parents, so we went along to meet her outside the town hall and see her in cap and gown. We bought a bead for her PAndora bracelet to say Congratulations (if Rebecca had her way it would have been a kermit the frog or tinkerbell one!). Carly wasn't keen on all the attention!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Song of the Week

A song I'd usually pass over, but this appeared through shuffle tonight and I just had to listen to it. Realised it was from one of Mum's favourite albums when I got home :)

You're not the girl you think you are,
no nothey're not his shoes under your bed,
yeah yeah he'll take you places in his carbthat you won't forget, no
And all the people that you know, yeah will turn their heads as you go by
but you'll be hard to recognize with the top down and the wind blowing, blowing
He won't deceive you but tell you the truth
woman, he'll be no trouble
he won't write you letters
full of excuses
come on, believe you have one in a million
You're not the girl you think you are, yeah
someone's standing in your place
the bathroom mirror makes you look tall
but it's all in your head, in your head

Listen here: