Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Parking Arrangements

Today was the first day back to nursery for Rebecca. She was very excited about seeing her friends. She was a little bit clingy when I dropped off but the Cedar ladies reported that she'd been really good and very helpful.

It was also my first day of parking at Britannia car park instead of outside the office. It was very cold this morning and took me 25 minutes to walk in. I was decidedly moody when I walked into work (and cold - even though I was wearing a geeky hat and my new gloves). Morale is pretty low, and I did not have one non-moany conversation today. Ate lunch in the rest area instead of at my desk and I did prefer that. Luckily I got a lift to the car park on the way home which was a bonus! I will be working two days from home now instead of one.

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  1. We have a moral issue going on at work, it's not nice is it?