Monday, 6 May 2013

Hospital Book

Rebecca's little friend is having an operation at Great Ormond Street this week so I made her a mini book to take with her and to fill in with mummy. Pages have spaces for info about the procedure, the doctors, space for nurses to sign, photos of the ward and info on recovery.

In my typical style I thought it was on thirs and it's tomorrow so very very late night for me!!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What a Pile of Pants....

Literally! In keeping with my new 2013 do something declutter-y / thrifty every day ....I cleared out my underwear draw. Now, the unworn (but ill-fitting and therefore not useable) contents have become this patchwork cushion cover!! My first one :) woo hoo. I'm quite proud of it. The cushion is for my bedroom, so no unsuspecting guests will be relaxing on my sofa next to some knickers :). I cut a cardboard template to work from.

The back is made from a Gap jersey vest top which I cut up (it had gone all baggy) and I saved some blue lace from one of the pairs of knickers to trim the overlap fabric.

Jersey and Lycra were difficult fabrics but it seems to have worked!!