Sunday, 10 January 2010


Another day at home as it is still snowing. Mick was working and was even colder at the shop.

Rebecca and I decided to do cooking and made Choc-o-doodles. We got in a real mess rolling the sticky dough into little balls, so Rebecca took on the special job of rolling each one in cinnamon sugar. They were yummy, looked like biscuits, but tasted like cakes.

Watched the first episode of the new season of Heroes this evening ...we still have the whole last series of Lost to catch up with too! Sat scrapping in front of the fire again, and ended up staying really late as Housesitter (Goldie Hawn/ Steve Martin) was on and I lurve that film.


  1. They look yummy, any left?
    Love your photos, looks like you had fun sledging, making snow angels and all the other activities!

  2. I'll be expecting to see that recipe in the thread!

  3. Definately a recipe to share.
    Love the photos.