Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Official Tree Photo

Today we took down the Christmas decorations so I thought I had better take the "official" Christmas Tree photo for our Christmas album. Each year I have taken a photo of Rebecca in front of the tree, which will go in the back of our album so we can see her growing up year by year.

I took 41 photos to try and get one right. I realised when I put them on the PC that the first 21 feature a huge, unattractive drip from one nostril! This is most annoying as one of the pictures is lovely, but I wouldn't know where to start to edit it out! So, here is the very final photo....this reminds me of myself as a child and Rebecca's hair looks a little auburn in it too.

We played some proper games of cards with Rebecca today, and she can pretty much understand the concept of Super 8's Animal Card game.

I have spent the evening with my scrapbook supplies laid out all over the lounge mats while we watched Quantum of Solace - there is glitter everywhere...


  1. Another gorgeous photo of Rebecca - gosh she looks so like her Mummy, and she looks so grown up in this photo Stacey :)

  2. That really is a gorgeous photo!! I get nose drip pics all the time! LOL. Teaching cards already?? She's be a poker master before you know it"