Thursday, 7 January 2010

Out on the Sledge

Another night of heavy snow and I had no intention of walking for 50 mins to the office and back in the freezing cold so took a day off (also couldn't work with Rebecca here and the PC was not working!).

Mick took Rebecca out on the sledge that Grandad (Lawrence) had made for us when we were little. She had lots of fun riding up and down on Zippy.

Managed to do a couple of hours work when Mick and Rebecca went out again this afternoon.


  1. I like your style! I have similar snowy photos taken from inside the warmth of the house! LOL

  2. My Dad made me and my brother a sledge too. It was really good I can remember many a snowy day sledging. Oh those were the days.:)


  3. That sledge looks great, I am sure you had a lot of fun on it when you were little! Bet Rebecca enjoyed it too.

  4. Great photos - the sledge looks fun, I bet Rebecca had a great time :)