Saturday, 9 January 2010

Do something new everyday?

Today I went sledging for the first time ever. I had never been down a hill on sledge before today! It was great fun, and I was pleased to use Zippy (our sledge) for the real purpose it was built.

Mick was off work and we met Adam and Amy there. Adam did spectacularly trip over a mound of snow but he was holding the phones, so no photographic evidence :( Rebecca loved speeding down the hill with Amy (in her pink hat) too.

We came back to hot chocolate and marshmallows (except Adam who wanted his without "faff"). Chris came for dinner again as it was so cold. Rebecca could only be tempted to eat her dinner when I made each carrot or mouthful 'talk' to her and ask for an invite to the party in her tummy!!
Attempted to watch "Knowing" on DVD, but yet again LURVE:Film have sent us a duff disc. Think we will be cancelling that service ;)

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