Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Angels

We couldn't really safely drive anywhere today, so cancelled our "play dates".

Rebecca and I played in the garden, trying to build a snowman (but the snow was a bit too powdery), throwing snowballs and finally making snow angels. Rebecca has been desperate to do this since seeing Donald Duck make them on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She even practised before we went outside! I didn't take the camera out with us, but took some aerial shots of our angels from the bedroom window. You can just about see them...

Later we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (or 30 minutes of it anyway!) and made a big bowl of popcorn. Rebecca was quite taken with "The Old Bamboo" song :)

Chris picked up some shopping for me so stayed for tea. The road to B'sea was closed due to snow. I was prepared to get the fold out bed for him, but he left about midnight and got home fine.

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