Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow Day

Thick snow fell overnight Thursday (17th) and Rebecca woke up to her first experience of real snow. She wanted to make a snowman but was off to Auntie Nessa's for the day as I was working from home and Mick was at work. So we got out of bed and built her first snowman at 8am so that we could all do it together.

Rebecca was a bit disappointed that he didn't move or want to come in the house like the one James builds in The Snowman :) I went through my button box for the eyes and buttons and as we didn't have a tangerine (like in the book) Rebecca settled for half a carrot...



  1. What a handsome snowman, well done to the builders!

  2. I am glad Rebecca enjoyed her time in the snow and what a great snowman that you have both built :)

  3. Awww bless - she is totally cute! (Rebeacca not you!). You are very brave to go out there at 8am!!!

  4. Oh she's so adorable! Such a good snowman too!