Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today I took my annual photo of Rebecca with all her Christmas Presents. It was a little more tricky this year as she wanted to know exactly what I was doing and why, and kept moving things as I put them out. I had to take 14 photographs to get one where she was looking vaguely in the direction of the camera and wasn’t picking something else up from the “display”….

Chris was round for the day again and helped Mick move some furniture so he could finish painting Rebecca’s new bedroom and put the border up.

Amy and Adam joined us in the evening with the Xbox and Guitar Hero and Lips, so we did a bit of singing and guitar playing. Rebecca was scarily good with the guitar! I had a go (Guns and Roses - Welcome to the Jungle) but I felt a bit old (!) as I didn’t know many of the tracks listed… photo’s of that event will NOT be posted ;)

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  1. I am the queen of guitar hero in this house!! me & Franz Ferdinand are like that !