Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Changing Rooms

Today, Mick started the complicated puzzle of furniture moving upstairs. Emptying the “spare” room into our room, Rebecca’s room into the spare room, and all the rubbish that was left into Rebecca’s old room!

After all the furniture changes, I did the “girly stuff” putting book onto shelves, toys away, and arranging things in an aesthetic manner. It looks lovely and Rebecca was so excited when we finally showed it to her.

She said “Wow! Well done!” – this made us laugh as it is what we say when we are pleased with her. She was really good and said “Thank you for my new bedroom”. Rebecca chose the border and lampshade and we already had the Disney Princess toybox (ebay bargain). The soft pink has really warmed the room and she was so excited to go to bed…

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