Monday, 21 December 2009

Icicle, Icicle, Where are you going?

Today I balanced on the windowsill and leant out of our bedroom window to take photos of icicles. Only a scrapper would do this. I kept thinking of my friend who takes photos of her children’s dental work and hospital photos (you know who you are!) and then I didn’t feel quite so mad :)

Anyway, I love icicles and am really pleased with these photos (although I appreciate that I am no photographer!!!). Only problem is that I now have “Icicle” song by Tori Amos in my head and it won’t go away.

Icicle icicle, Where are you going?, I have a hiding place, When spring marches in, Will you keep watch for me, I hear them calling, Gonna lay down, Gonna lay down...

Braved driving today. Car battery was flat and after I’d scraped all the snow off I had to come indoors for a hot water, so we started out a little later than planned. Took my Mother-in-Law to Capture the Magic craft shop in Soham. It was a long drive and a bit slippy on the little roads, but a good trip. We had a lovely long chat about her days in the RAF packing parachutes – I didn’t realise what a complex and responsible job it was.

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