Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Ready for the holiday

Last day at work today and seems everyone had decided to take the afternoon off. I did the same (just to fit in ;) ) and was glad I did! Got all the last Christmas Shopping done in town and because I wasn’t pressured to get it done in my lunch hour I could relax and take my time. This also meant I could observe people elbowing their way around the shops and being horrible to their co-shoppers – Christmas really does bring out the best and worst in people.

Did the Tesco shop straight after and got all of the food for Christmas. Had to phone Mick to meet me there as it wouldn’t all fit in the car! Then we collected Rebecca from nursery together which was nice as it was the last one before Christmas and they'd had Christmas dinner.

At bedtime Rebecca was really sick, so we spent the night ferrying bowls and towels from bedroom to bathroom and taking turns to sleep on her bedroom floor. Fun!

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