Friday, 25 December 2009

Amy, Adam and Jake arrived and when Rebecca woke we opened some presents. Rebecca was excited to receive Pudsey Bear (another requested item on the letter to Santa) and a Mickey Mouse.

Micks’ Mum and Dad came for lunch and Rebecca laid on the sofa (by now in PJs) while we ate. She said she was hungry, but couldn’t really face anything, even a spoon of icecream. By 5pm she was full of energy, ripping open the presents and playing with Uncle Hobbes. She had also insisted on dressing up in a Christmas Dress (an old 18-24 months dress!) over her pyjamas.

She was interested in the big presents first (of course) and particularly intrigued by a huge gift bag from Auntie Jacqui (a doll’s high chair). She was also very “helpful” offering to assist people with their present opening.

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