Sunday, 8 February 2009

At the Carwash

Another week has flown by! Rebecca seems to be settling into her new room at nursery, has been out for tea and cake with Daddy and "helped" me with shopping and cleaning! Teresa and Ollie were round for lunch on Friday and Rebecca was bossing him about "Be Gentle, Ollie!" - a bit embarrassing.

Teresa and I are going to Sing-a-Long-a-Sound of Music next month - can't wait. She is already working on a fab costume!
Rebecca went through the car wash today (in the car - we're not evil!) and wasn't too sure about the big brushes. Later she helped Daddy to buff the metal with her "special sponge".


  1. This looks so much more civilised than our car cleaning sessions!!
    Go Rebecca - it's good to be dominant!!

  2. Great photos Stacey - DD certainly looks as though she is enjoying herself :0)