Friday, 28 January 2011

Mission One Ten Layouts

I have been really good and sticking to the Mission One Ten rules - no buying anything! I have also been stash busting by using kits and opening packets (almost painful!).

Here are a few LO's of Rebecca's 3rd birthday (yes...over a year ago!) they are all pretty simple, but I've enjoyed using the Doodlebug Birthday Girl kit with a few added extras from the stash pile :)


  1. Very lovely layouts. Rebecca is gorgeous!

  2. Well done on the stash busting, has made some gorgeous lo's!

  3. These LO's are gorgeous Stacey and well done with the stash busting :)

    Lots of fab photos of Rebecca and lovely memories to record xxx

  4. Mmmmm I seem to remember you buying that kit - fab LO's a great reminder of the day as it will be a blur before long!!